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How to Quickly Test Remote Controls
(reprinted from the July '03 DRSNews)

If youíre like me, you have 5 or 6 remote controls that wander all around your living room. Weíre even seeing them used in major appliances, air conditioners being the most common so far.

When one of them stops working, hereís a simple way to tell whether itís sending any infrared light to your TV, VCR, DVD, or cable box (or air conditioner).

Just point it at a cell phone camera, digital camera, camcorder, and if itís working, the light will show up in the camera's LCD viewfinder! Fast, easy, and COOL!

I purchased a small sensor many years ago for this very purpose, but if Iíd thought of this first, couldíve saved some money. Try it - it works great!

The CCDís used in digicams are sensitive to IR even though our eyes arenít.  

Wish I could remember where I originally found this trick. To whomever first discovered it - thanks!

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