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an issue and combine two months into one newsletter.
Happened again this month! Sorry!)

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A Special 'Welcome' to my new subscribers!  Glad to have you aboard!

In this issue:

1) A Quick Test
for Frontload Washer Main Bearings
2) Free Videos: Recent Changes at Ebay and How to Profit From Them
3) Pass the Word: Two or More Items Still Ship Free to Subscribers (only)!
4) The Glossary of Appliance Terms


1) I get a lot of questions about frontload washers, and if you've read
my rambling very long, you know I'm still not a fan, I'm sorry to say.

They do a great job while they last, but my opinion's been further
biased by our own Speed Queen top-load machine, which turned
30 this year - and has been used every day for the last 25!

If a $1000 washer wants to take up residence at our house, it'd better
last longer than the 5-7 years I'm seeing most front-loaders 'live'!

Anyway, enough of that ranting, you've heard it all before. <grin>

I find myself really short on time again this month (getting to be the
norm around here lately!) so I'll keep this brief. I've had quite a few
folks ask how they could test the bearings in their FL washer, and
it's really simple.

Just open the door, reach in and grab the front of the inner tub, and
lift up on it a few times. If you feel a 'clunk' as you lift, then the
bearings are starting to wear.

They may last a little while after they exhibit this 'play', but not usually
very long. You'll also notice more spin noise as bearing wear progresses.
It's gradual, but this wear's usually accompanied by an ever-louder
'roar' in spin.

Regrettably, those rear mounted tub bearings continue to be the inherent
weakness of the design, and I wanted to pass this tip along. It's a fast
and simple test.

Whether you decide to replace the bearings or not is totally up to you.
On most brands it requires replacing the entire rear half of the tub (comes
with the bearings already installed), and it's pretty much the most
expensive repair  done on one. 

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3) Many of you have put up with my rambling for so long (some of you for over 6 years now! Amazing! Oh, the endurance!), and one of ways I've been saying thank you for your incredible support is to refund subscribers their Priority shipping costs on any two or more items from the web specials page (only), at: http://www.DavesRepair.com/Parts/

If there are any parts you don't see there, let me know and I should be able to combine them as well. I have many parts that haven't made it to the website yet, and probably have your part in stock, so feel free to ask. 

(Oh, and I'll have to limit this offer to US-only subscribers for now.  Sorry!)

Pass the word if you know anyone who's in the market for any of the parts and tools I have on sale. Subscribing is free, of course,  but they do have to put up with my rambling every month ;-)

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4) I'm nearly done with this new project, and would love your opinion.
The text portions are finished, even though it's a work in progress.

I call it a 'glossary of appliance terms' and have nearly all of the
illustrations added. And it'll be available as one downloadable pdf
file very soon. That's where you come in:

Please let me know what you think when you get a chance. Any ideas
you have for improvements, changes, a different name (I've had
several people suggest I call it something else, like a 'dictionary',
maybe. Whaddya think?), more ease of use, terms you'd like to see
added, etc, are welcome. Here's what I have so far: Glossary

There's been a lot of demand for something like this; sort of an
abridged 'encyclopedia' of terms used in appliance service every
day. I tend to assume that everyone knows what I'm talking
about, but it can get confusing. This project is an attempt to list
common (and not so common) words and phrases used in the

Thanks in advance!

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As always, if you have any topics you'd like to see discussed here
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complaints/critiques! Many thanks to those of you who've already
sent yours in! You've been very kind!

May God richly bless you and yours, and may He continue to have
mercy on America!


Dave Harnish
Dave's Repair Service
New Albany, PA

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