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Rack roller – The small wheels, usually made of plastic, that support the a dishwasher’s dish racks, allowing them to be rolled out to be loaded and unloaded.

Relay – a set of electrical contacts that is opened and closed by a magnetic coil or other actuator device, like a bimetal.

Remote pump – In newer clothes washers and some dishwashers, the remote pump is a separate component from the main drive motor, and can operate independently from it. This has helped prolong the life of belt-driven washers by allowing the water load to be emptied before the washer goes into its spin cycle, when the belt is in a ‘controlled slip’ mode.

Rinse agent, rinse aid – A chemical wetting agent added to a dishwasher’s rinse water to prevent spotting, especially on glassware. A small quantity is automatically admitted into the dishwasher by the rinse agent dispenser.

Rotary seal – A two part component, with one part rotating and one stationary, designed to prevent the leakage, usually of water, down a shaft. These two polished, spring-loaded surfaces remain in contact with each other as one rotates.

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