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"Fast Moving" Appliance Parts
and Other Specials - at Wholesale Prices!

First of all, a huge THANKS to all of you who have purchased parts from me in the 27 years I've been selling them, and the 15 years I've sold them here on my own website. I can't put into words how encouraging you've been to me, and I've been blessed to have made so many new friends this way. So THANK YOU!

I've been trying to slow down a bit, so have sold the majority of my own parts inventory to another local dealer, but this page provides access to wholesale prices on thousands of common - and not so common - appliance parts.  

I'll still be directly selling a few hard-to-find and vintage parts and a few I fabricate myself, as well as repairing vintage Sunbeam Mixmasters and auto toasters, selling vintage service manuals, etc. I've just started working on the list below, which will connect you with a very reliable wholesaler's store on Ebay, a family-owned business with whom I've dealt for over 40 years, and highly recommend.

If you already know your part number(s), just visit THE STORE and enter it in the search box there. It's very fast, and you won't beat the prices!

If you're not sure what part number you need, you can easily look them using your appliance model number HERE on the Sears parts lookup site. Don't order parts there, though! First come back and enter their part numbers via the links below to get the best prices! 


Washer Parts: 
(Note: I recommend using only genuine "FSP' Whirlpool direct-drive washer pumps and agitate "dogs"
(Pumps, drive couplers, belts, lid switches, clutches, motors, fill & drain hoses, bearings, valves, boots, agitator dogs, snubber pads, timers, knobs, spanner wrenches, springs, feet, rubber dampening straps, transmissions, siphon break valves, drum vanes, capacitors, seals, dispensers, lid and door latches, locks, door handles, hinges, water level switches, agitators, filters, drive blocks, basket drives, sensors, thermistors... )

Dryer Parts:
(Note: I recommend using only genuine "FSP' Whirlpool dryer repair kits, idler pulleys, rollers)
(Heating elements, thermal fuses, door switches, venting hardware, ducting, vent cleaning brushes, gas
valve solenoid coils, motors, thermistors, belts, idler pulleys, lint filters, thermostats, cutouts,
ignitors, repair kits, timers, knobs, dials, door latches, drum slides, glides, rollers, shafts, felt
seals, bearing kits, blower wheels, element restring coils, start switches, door handles, air ducts,
console endcaps, flame sensors, LP conversion kits, steam dryer installation kits... )

Refrigerator Parts:
(Icemakers, icemaker modules, water filters, door handles, motherboards, valves, door shelves, relays,
fan motors, blades, defrost heaters, limit thermostats, defrost circuit boards, cold controls, dispenser
solenoids, defrost thermostats, dispenser door chute flappers, coil cleaning brushes, relay/overload
kits, ice augers, drawer glides, defrost timers, heaters, door seals, door hinges, closers, ice buckets,
control circuit boards, thermistors, crisper covers, door shelf endcaps, ice auger motors... )

Dishwasher Parts:
(Door latches, handles, door switches, thermal fuses, racks, rollers, timers, door springs, knobs,
motors, pumps, rack endcaps, silverware baskets, detergent dispensers, door cables, valves, door links,
belts, door seals, heating elements, inlet adapter elbows, stainless steel water supply connectors,
spray arms, supports, drain solenoids, "Glisten" hard water cleaner, rinse aid dispensers, inlet sumps,
dispenser handles, pump connectors, drain hoses, selector switches, circuit boards, thermistors, water
sensors, impeller kits, seals, float switches, control panels, start relays, door panels... )

Range & Oven Parts:
(Bake & broil elements, oven ignitors, drip bowls, broil pans, oven sensors, surface units, switches,
vent hood filters, knobs, oven thermostats, surface unit receptacles, meat temp probes, LP conversion
kits, oven door gaskets, spark ignition modules, cooking grate feet, door handles, oven light assys,
bulbs, shelves, smooth top burners, fan motors, oven burners, orifices, sealed burners, oven safety
valves, drawer slides, top burner ignition switches, clock knobs, surface burner ignitors, electronic
oven controls, GE pushbutton surface switches, gas burner valves, bake/broil selector switches, oven
spark ignitors, door switches... )

Microwave Parts:
(Glass trays, door handles, turntable motors, magnetrons, turntable roller rings, vent filter, light bulbs, turntable couplers, door interlock switches, HV capacitors, HV diodes, thermal limiters, grilles, thermal fuses, fan motors, oven light lenses, lamp sockets, power cords... )

Special Tools (sold and shipped by yours truly):

NEW! Direct Drive Washer
Gear Case Test Driver
A Handy Multimeter (VOM)!
(Only a few left, at just $8.00,
battery included!)


"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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