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Dave's Dictionary of Appliance Terms
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Valve coil the electromagnetic coil of wire used in appliance water fill valves, drain valves, gas control vales, and others. Commonly operate on AC.

Vent hood 1) the opening in the outside house wall through which a dryer vents. Designed to keep  weather and 'critters' out, these are equipped with either a flapper or louvers that are opened by the dryer's outlet air pressure, 2) also 'range hood': the large 'funnel' installed over a stove to catch and divert cooking heat and vapors outside the house. Usually fan-forced, some 'recycle' air through a filter and back into the house, but it's best to exhaust these to the outside air through a hole cut in the wall.

Voltage doubler The circuit in a microwave oven's high voltage section that effectively doubles the voltage output of the HV transformer.

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