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Wash impeller in dishwashers, this rotating 'water fan' recirculates the tankful of water and detergent solution back over dishes after passing it through a filter.

Wash pump section of a dishwasher pump assembly, including the wash impeller (which see) that is responsible for spraying the dishes. The other section of the pup, or sometimes a separate pump/motor assembly, is the drain pump, whose only function is to empty the water form the tank after the wash cycle is complete.

Water dispenser refrigerator system that stores a quantity of chilled water, and delivers, it on demand, to an outlet outside the refrigerator, and directly into a glass or other container.  Saves energy by reducing door openings. Uses same water supply as the icemaker.

Water level switch (pressure switch) in a clothes washer, this switch, usually adjustable, is activated by the water level in the tank, and turns the fill valve off and the timer motor on, starting the agitate cycle. See also 'float switch'.

Water valve (fill valve) a commonly used device in appliances, these valves use house supply water pressure to open and close. This is done by energizing a valve coil that opens a small pilot hole, allowing water pressure to lift the valve's diaphragm off the valve seat, allowing water flow.

Wattage unit of power measurement; 1 joule/second; the power dissipated by a current of 1 ampere flowing across a resistance of 1 ohm; in Ohm's law, watts = volts x amps

Wattage output the common rating of power output in microwave ovens is in watts. To take a rough measurement of an oven's output, heat one liter of water on 'high' for 2 minutes, 3 seconds, measuring the water's start and finish temperatures in F. Multiply the difference by 19.4 to return the wattage output of the microwave's magnetron.

Wringer the assembly using rubber rollers to 'squeeze' water out of laundered clothes, as opposed to using centrifugal force, as do modern washers.

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