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The DRSNews
April/May 2009

(My apologies! Once again, I've fallen so far behind I've
had to combine two months into one issue, and have to
keep this one short. Until my wife lets me clone myself,
guess I'm going to keep having trouble getting everything

Published by Dave's Repair Service, (c)2009 All Rights Reserved

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or its link to any friends or associates who might find
it useful. Thanks!


In this issue:

1) GE Recalls Dual-Fuel Ranges
2) Miscellaneous Ramblings

1) Another range recall has been announced, this one by GE. I always sit up and pay attention when a manufacturer uses the 'F' word ('fire hazard') in a recall notice, and even though this is includes a relatively smaller number of ranges, it's an important recall.

Involves some 26,000 of their dual-fuel ranges.
Details: http://www.geappliances.com:80/products/recall/dual_fuel_09/

2) Several quick notes:

* I now have governor capacitors for older Sunbeam Mixmasters (models 5-12), brand new! I've finally perfected a fabrication method for these no longer available cap's, and they really work out well. A new replacement for the governor resistors is next. I've been recoating good used ones with new ceramic material for a while now, but the supply's getting low (and they're not all that pretty). Hope to have new resistors designed soon. Posted at:

* If you're buying a new refrigerator, budget for a new one every 5-7 years or so. Just like front load washers, that's about how long they're lasting now, on average. I DOA'd another one on Saturday, a nice 1-1/2 year old stainless Frigidaire with an in-cabinet leak. At least the tiny Samsung compressor was still working on this one (but it had none of its 4 ounces of refrigerant left). How I hate charging folks a service call to tell them to scrap their newer equipment! Ouch.

* Another quick reminder about dishwasher drains is in order, evidently. 'Corrected two last week that were installed improperly, both draining nearly straight down through the floor with no loops. We can't get away with routing drains down through the floor any more, guys. You have to route the drain over to the sink drain next to the machine. Thankfully, one of them last week had a disposal, so it was a quicker change than usual. 'Wish more dealers would better educate their installers on this.

* Swing by and check out my new Appliance Terms Glossary Project if you haven't yet - it's still a work in progress, and the full downloadable pdf version's almost ready.  Here's what I have so far: Glossary

PS - I'm still thinking about renaming it the ''Illustrated Appliance Dictionary'', as some of you have suggested. What do you think?


Thanks again for allowing me into your inbox! I don't take the privilege lightly, and needless to say, I'll never share your name or email with anyone, for any reason.

May God richly bless you and yours in 2009, and may He continue to shed His incredible mercy on America even as we turn our backs on Him, 

Dave Harnish
Dave's Repair Service
New Albany, PA

"The LORD [is] good, a stronghold in the day of trouble;
and He knoweth them that trust in Him." - Nahum 1:7


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"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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